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William Mansell - Antique Clocks and Barometers repair and restoration, vintage Jewellery, London W2 2AF

William Mansell

William Mansell

24 Connaught Street
London W2 2AF

Jewellery Repairs, William Mansell, London W2 2AF
vintage jewellery sales and repairs

Established in 1864, William Mansell is expert in the field of watch, clock and barometer repairs. The company is also extremely skilled at repairing jewellery, gold and silverware.
A bespoke repair and overhaul service is available for every clock and watch movement. We repair all types of antique and modern clocks including longcase, tall case, standing, grandfather and grandmother, hall, mantle and carriage clocks; also barometers, barographs and chronographs etc, and all types of vintage and contemporary wrist, pocket and stop watches (including Rolex, Patek Phillipe etc.).
If necessary, replacement parts are made, by hand, matching the materials, tools and techniques to the age and style of the piece; a 12 month guarantee is given on every full service.
Specialist services include - Repairs to contemporary and traditional jewellery; watches and clocks; Restoration of dial and casework; Water resistance testing; Supply of batteries, straps and bracelets; Valuations of particular items.
William Mansell has a range of antique and modern clocks, watches, barometers and barographs, jewellery, silverware and giftware for sale at their shop and also online.
Antique clocks include wall, longcase, skeleton, mantel, carriage and mystery clocks.
New clocks are available in the form of wall, longcase, skeleton, cuckoo, time zone, carriage, mantel, alarm, radio and anniversary clocks.
Available are vintage and contemporary wrist and pocket watches and also techno watches.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
9.30 to 17.30

Clock repairs, William Mansell, London W2 2AF
antique clock restoration
Watch Repairs, William Mansell, London W2 2AF
watch sales and repairs

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